Gymnocalycium riojense ssp. paucispinum STO 88-121/1

Gymnocalycium riojense ssp. paucispinum (f. telaritos) STO 88-121/1 *

Argentina: Teleritos to San Martin, Catamarca, 380m


Gymnocalycium riojense paucispinum STO 121_1

Gymnocalycium riojense ssp. paucispinum STO 88-121-1Gymnocalycium riojense paucispinum STO 88-121_1Gymnocalycium riojense ssp. paucispinum STO 88-121/1 из коллекции Дмитрия Самогородского (Кременчуг, Украина). Из семян П. Купчак, 2003 г. – Plants from the collection of Dmitry Samogorodsky, Kremenchug, Ukraine. Source of seeds: P. Kupčák, 2003.


* Gymnocalycium riojense ssp. paucispinum H. Till & W. Till 1991 = Gymnocalycium bodenbenderianum v. paucispinum (H. Till & W. Till) F. Berger, Amerhauser & Sedlmeier 2014


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