Gymnocalycium megatae

Gymnocalycium megatae Y.Itô 1957 *

Bolivia: Santa Cruz, Cochabamba, Chuquisaca

Paraguay: Boquerón


Gymnocalycium megatae

Gymnocalycium megatae из коллекции Евгения Аксенова (Ижевск, Россия). – Plants from the collection of Evgeny Axyonov, Izhevsk, Russia.


  • Gymnocalycium megatae ssp. zecheri Amerhauser 2010
  • Gymnocalycium megatae var. che-guevarai Milt 2016



* Gymnocalycium megatae Y.Itô 1957 = Gymnocalycium marsoneri ssp. megatae (Y.Itô) G.J.Charles 2009


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