Gymnocalycium pugionacanthum STO 928

Gymnocalycium pugionacanthum STO 94-928

Bolivia: East of Mairana, Santa Cruz border area, Santa Cruz, 1815m


Gymnocalycium pugionacanthum STO 928

ymnocalycium pugionacanthum STO 928
Gymnocalycium pugionacanthum STO 928 из коллекции Евгения Аксенова (Ижевск, Россия). – Plants from the collection of Evgeny Axyonov, Izhevsk, Russia.

One thought on “Gymnocalycium pugionacanthum STO 928

  1. I think this Field number information to be a mistake. I think this photograph to be a plant belonging to G.hossei group.
    Neither G.catamarcense nor G.hossei inhabits Santa Cruz. (G.pugionacanthum sensu Charles=G.catamarsense, G.pugionacanthum sensu Till=G.hossei v. nidulans)

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