Gymnocalycium denudatum

Gymnocalycium denudatum (Link & Otto) Pfeiff. 1844

Brazil (Rio Grande do Sul), Argentina (Corrientes, Misiones), South Paraguay, Uruguay


Gymnocalycium denudatum

Gymnocalycium denudatumGymnocalycium denudatum Gymnocalycium denudatum из коллекции Олега Балановского (Днепро, Украина), семена от Сергея Червинко (Винница, Украина). – Plants from the collection of Oleg Balanovsky, Dnipro, Ukraine. Source of seeds: Sergei Chervinko, Vinnytsa, Ukraine.



  • Gymnocalycium denudatum (Link & Otto) Pfeiffer ex Mittler ssp. necopinum Prestlé 2004

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